ThunderBolt Transport Inc

ThunderBolt Transport Inc

Fed-Ex Contractor for Local Deliveries





Core Values

Thunderbolt Transport commits to exceeding customer expectations and meeting rigorous safety requirements.  Employees will be provided incentives for exceeding customer expectations and maintaining a safe work environment.  Business Conduct Guidelines will be utilized to outline employee responsibilities, expectations of the employees, and the values of the business. Thunderbolt Transport is also fully compliant with federal and state regulations around employment of its staff as well as entity compliance with applicable laws and regulations. 



Safety is Thunderbolt Transport’s top priority and takes precedence at all times.  Thunderbolt Transport understands and acknowledges that its daily operations directly affect FedEx Ground’s image and safety, its own employee’s safety, as well as the safety of the surrounding community and customers.  Mr. Lichfield takes safety extremely seriously and it is not discounted.  He embraces the need for safe delivery vehicles through regular maintenance. Training and adhering employees to the highest standards in safety is Mr. Lichfield’s top priority. Thunderbolt Transport will abide by a strict Safety Compliance Program to include following all aspects of FedEx Ground’s Safety Information Guide, SF-920P.

All employees of Thunderbolt Transport will be required to read and acknowledge safety related responsibilities as defined by Thunderbolt Transport and FedEx Ground Guidelines.

Customer Service


Thunderbolt Transport shares FedEx Ground’s value of customers at the heart of everything it does.  Thunderbolt Transport understands FedEx Ground’s need for consistently reliable and high performing services from its P&D independent contractors.  Thunderbolt Transport’s organizational values are centered on customer service.  Thunderbolt Transport embraces the customer centric focus Thunderbolt Transport will hold.

Meeting FedEx Ground’s needs will be one of Thunderbolt Transport’s top organizational priorities.  As FedEx Ground evolves and grows, Thunderbolt Transport understands the need for a flexible ISP that will adapt to change, can grow with FedEx Ground, and is always striving to improve. Thunderbolt Transport coaches and mentors drivers in the customer service and safety values that Thunderbolt Transport will require of all its employees.  Thunderbolt Transport Management will be on-site during operations to ensure appropriate supervision of employees and to ensure the company’s values are instilled into the employees. Any disregard for the customer’s experience will not be tolerated.

Thunderbolt Transport customer service principals include:

  • Providing services at the agreed upon time.
  • Listening to, accepting, and acting upon customer feedback.
  • Providing courteous and professional customer service as well as presenting yourself in a professional manner.
  • Setting the goal of exceeding customer expectations in everything you do.

Thunderbolt Transport will implement its Customer Service Approach by keeping employees engaged, setting expectations, and rewarding those expectations. Intrinsic and extrinsic rewards will be provided to Thunderbolt Transport’s drivers who demonstrate outstanding customer service.   Communication is also a key aspect to avoid customer issues and concerns.  Thunderbolt Transport will proactively communicate with FedEx Ground and will always be available to discuss and mitigate any concerns or issues.  Thunderbolt Transport will conduct “tailgate meetings” with all staff to communicate goals, performance, and directives for the day as well as obtaining any feedback from Thunderbolt Transport’s employees

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Division of Transport

Division of Transport

ThunderBolt Transport Inc

Join Our Team!

Join Our Team

Job Application Info at Bottom of the Page

We are an independent Contractor for FedEx Ground / Tiancium PA Terminal seeking delivery truck drivers to cover various local routes in the area.

Pay starts at $625.00 a week. 

Proven and Experience Drivers Will Make $700-$1500 per a week depending on Performance and Skill.

  • Health Insurance (After 3 Months)
  • Paid Vacation (After 1 Year)

Deliver Type: (Local, Home Every Day)

  • Residential
  • Commercial


MUST meet the following Qualifications:

‧Clean drivers license  NO DUI’s or NO Cell Tickets (CDL not required)

‧Clean background check

‧21 years or older

‧Consent to DOT physical and drug screening

‧Ability to handle Fast-paced, Physically demanding workload (Pkgs can weigh up to 100lbs)

‧Strong work ethic


‧Safely operate a box truck or larger

‧Load and Deliver all packages

‧Inspect truck before and after trip

‧Properly track and document truck maintenance

‧Immediately report any issues or incidents to supervisor

‧Team Oriented (Work/Assist other Team Members When Asked)

‧Attend weekly Safety Meetings


  • DRIVING: 1 year (Preferred)
  • delivery driver: 1 year (Preferred)
  • commercial driving: 1 year (Preferred)

Apply For Job Here